Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bird Watching At Home

Hello Dear Friends,

We all are surrounded by the wonderful creation of "Mother Nature", Even in our day to day life, but many of us usually do not notice & admire remarkable work of the Nature, if u could see around with a little effort u will see the wonderful world full of amazing creature.

One such "Disregarded creature" is the Birds, especially "Local Birds", most of which spreads charismatic sound.

I being always eager to know more about them found this software very useful & illuminating, This application contains images of some common birds along with their song and focuses on helping youngsters take their first flight into the wonderful world of birds & enable one to identify the Birds just by hearing* their calls.

I am very elated to present the link to this software:-


Click on any of the flying Bird

U can trust this application as it is from Indian Institute Of Forest Management's server & not a peer uploaded material.

IF u have any difficulty in downloading the let me know I'll be happy to help you
If u like this software then do visit Indian Institute Of Forest Management site to appreciate their work

Vandan Jhaveri

For more info & credits:-

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